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YouTube Project Series Video 02 - MadMachine SwiftIO Showcase

My second YouTube video! As I planned, making a (roughly) monthly YouTube video about an electronics project or similar thing. In the second video, it is not a project but more of a showcase of the MadMachine SwiftIO development board - which is currently in development and is being given to some people for testing. It was my entry into programming in Swift and I have picked it up quickly. A cool little board that currently has limited uses but may have some exciting practical uses in the future.



  • i.MX RT1052 Crossover Processor with Arm┬« Cortex┬«-M7 core @600MHz
  • Micro SD card slot, supporting standard and high capacity SD cards
  • Micro USB connector for power
  • On-board USB to UART for serial communication
  • 46 GPIO on left and right edges
  • On-board GRB LED
  • 12x 12-bit analog to digital (ADC) converters
  • 4 UART, 2 CAN, 2 IIC, and 2 SPI
  • 14 PWM pins
  • Many additional advanced features to meet the needs of advanced users

It also features a custom IDE and command line tools for compiling and uploading code. As well as numerous example programs.


Pinout Diagram

Discord link (limit 25 people)
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic SwiftIO library:
MadMachine Website

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