Electronics Development

I can design and assemble electronics projects for people.
I have been interested in electronics since I was about 6 years old. My parents bought me several kits, which I assembled. And I have soldered kits before I was 10. I'm particularly skilled with the Arduino platform. I also know AVR, XMega, STM32, ESP430.
I have worked on several projects in the last few years, including PCB design and microcontroller programming.

Examples of work


I am fairly relaxed with pricing, due to low competition. Pricing is negotiable, depending on the project.
Base rate:

$50 per hour (plus electronics costs) *(see note below)

(Pictured above is a WIP project that I made for someone)

Electronics skills

PCB Design

Yes, I can design PCBs! I use KiCAD. It's free and open source, but it's used by CERN so it's definitely powerful enough.
For manufacture, I usually use one of the cheapest providers available. I can also use an Australian/NZ service if you need the PCBs sooner.

Electronics Equipment I own

Equipment I have access to (via Hackerspace/makerspace)

Microcontroller Development IDEs experience

Further pricing notes

If you work for a business or organisation with limited funds (eg. CSIRO) I can offer my services at a lower rate.

*Why charge so low?