Tech Support

I offer technical assistance in the home, or for businesses. I have strong familiarity with Windows OS and computer hardware. I'm pretty good at making sure computers run well, work with peripherals such as printers, connect to networks. If you're struggling with IT, I may be of assitance!



$40 per half-hour

My rate is mostly fixed, but I do offer some exceptions depending on the work (like if it only takes me 5 minutes).
Charged by half-hour blocks


If I can't fix it, there is no charge. I take full responsibility for your tech.


I don't own Macs and I don't use them regularly. However I have used them in the past (a few years ago) an I am very confident that I can use one if needed.
Typically, not a lot goes wrong with Macs, so they aren't as much in demand. But my affinity for technology naturally extends to Macs, so I'm sure I can help.