Current Workshops


I am offering several technical workshops, planning to run them every few months.

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I have experience assisting the general public with computers in Hobart library. I also have experience assisting in a computer training course for NDIS participants.
I have presented technical presentations to the public (Web developers and game developers).
I have run an online game development course (video call) for kids with Autism spectrum disorder. Where I created workshop material and assisted the participants in making small games (with Godot Engine).

Planned Workshops

  • Game Development with Godot

Possible Other Future Workshops

  • Arduino - Undecided project
  • Intro to Arduino (with libraries)
  • Game development for beginners
  • Godot Engine game development
  • Intro to web development
  • Beginner computer class
  • Beginner smartphone class

If you're interested in attending a workshop, or have an idea for a workshop, you can: