Godot Workshop for Beginners (WIP)

I am currently working on making a Godot Workshop. It will be hosted in-person and online (hybrid). Spanning 6 weeks. You will learn the basiscs of Godot Engine and make a simple 2D top-down shooter game, and publish it to itch.io if you wish.

It will cost $50 for the 6 weeks, but the first workshop is free! If you decide in the first workshops it's not for you, you won't be charged.

Currently I am working on the game itself. I plan to have most materials ready for the workshop before I start it.

The online component will be hosted on my Discord server, and I will have a good microphone and camera setup for sharing my screen and voice.

The physical component will likely be held at Hobart Hackerspace, due to the ability to get the venue for free.

This is a low-cost course, only charging a small amount to cover some of my time in preparing this course. Aimed to be as affordable as possible. If you can't afford $50, we can negotiate a lower price. Ultimately I'd like to see a good turnout!

Also spaces will be limited to about 10 or so. Considering 1 or 2 might drop out in the first lesson, I think I can probably only handle 6-8 people or so in one workshop.

I have run a Godot teaching sessions before, plus my robot workshop last year, so I have some experience delivering workshops, though I am not a professional teacher per se. But I do have knowledge and a desire to share that knowledge :)