Raspberry Pi Sensor Box Workshop

My upcoming workshop will cover the Raspberry Pi.
You will build a Raspberry Pi sensor box. The sensors upload data to the Internet on a regular interval and you can see graphs of the sensors like the image below.
You will learn Linux, Python and some electronics. Some fun and valuable skills that you can bring to other projects!


Please use the parts calculator to select your parts Due to needing to order parts, I will first accept payment for the workshops, then wait for parts to arrive and set a date.

Parts Selection

Select parts below to calculate cost.

If you have your own Raspberry Pi, you can bring your own.

Optional Loudness sensor for sound level.

Total Price (Includes workshop fee)


Bank Details

BSB: 06 2692
Account Number: 4013 2258


Hopefully everyone will have registered in the next week. Parts can take up to 4 weeks to arrive (coming from the US). So estimated date: late Oct-early Nov 2020.

The sensor box consists of:

BME680 Environment Sensot

Ambient light sensor

Sound sensor

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