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I’m starting to use this blog for more personal stuff, that is one of the changes that is going on for me. I eventually plan to set up separate business and personal websites so I can separate things like personal projects/blogs and work portfolio/resume.

There are some changes in the pipeline for me, one notably for me is my work. I’m trying for the first time since I got seriously burned out by overworking, to increase my hours again, to something still less than full time. But a big increase. I typically work about 5-10 billable hours per week, and I’m trying to max it out to 16 hours per week, for just one client. It's a change I'll likely have to slowly adjust to. For example I should be working right now instead of writing this blog post.

Another is that my parents are moving away somewhere to the country side, where I’ll likely see them less. I tend to see them about once per week or more. I get along fairly well with them and they’re very supportive of me, always having my best interests in mind. So when they move I’ll have a certain gap in my life. Hopefully to be filled with some other supports (I know where to go if I need them).

My health and fitness will be a bigger focus this year. I’m trying to lose weight (or body fat). To do so, it seems the most effective way is to adjust my diet such that I don’t eat too many calories, and fat is burned each day. Exercise helps too, which I will be trying to find the best things to do. For me, I’m finding VR games that are good cardio exercises are a good way, as well as walking and some bike riding. I aim to at least do VR exercise every night I can. But I’m also considering taking going to the gym more seriously this year, and switching gyms to a private gym. Build muscle and a good fitness routine. Not decided on it yet but I’m leaning towards it. Once I find out what works for me, I’ll be sure to tell the world about what worked.

I released a game last year so that’s under my belt now. This year I’m building on that and working on games that should be more successful. Learning from the experience of releasing a game and applying those lessons learned. I plan to go on holiday this year. Fly to Melbourne to visit friends at least. I haven’t flown on a plane since 2018, so that’ll be an experience. I want to also visit Adelaide, and New Zealand eventually. With this new increase in hours that should be more possible.

I’ve been told that I may likely be on the autistic spectrum. It is not formally diagnosed yet, but that’s something I want to do this year, get an official diagnosis. If it turns out that I am, and it’s to a certain degree, it may lead to some disability benefits that could be beneficial to me, supporting my overall mental health and wellbeing even more (for example social supports).

After recovering from my mental illness, it left me in a pretty rough state. While I’ve recovered functionally pretty well, my mood has been slower to build back to normal. This year could be the year that brings me up into a good place, mentally. With supports of course, but my choice to take on these supports, which involve some commitment on my part. Maybe it won’t be the year, but at least I am now able to give it a go, and I can see a brighter outcome. During all of this change, it’s a lot on my mind, and when my mind is busy I tend to be quieter. And perhaps have less concentration for certain things like my ongoing voluntary responsibilities. Including social media. I may bit quieter and make more mistakes. But hopefully good things for me are just around the corner. I’ve just got to make these changes happen properly.

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