Current Projects

Leo's Music Manager

I am quietly working on a little music manager program. Strongly inspired by iTunes and MusicBee. I am quite unhappy with the state of current music player programs for desktop. They lack two very important features; smart playlists and external device sync.
I'm making my own "MusicBee" equivalent that will work natively on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
Using Python and Kivy as the GUI.
It will have the ability to generate playlists based on queries, such as "date modified in the last 12 months" or "rating > 3.5 stars".
It will also have the ability to synchronise music onto an external device, with smart playlists uploaded as well.
These features currently ony exist in MusicBee, but it is only available for Windows (Can run with CrossOver but it's not as ideal).
So I'm making software that will run natively on Linux and MacOS as well.