Programming and Software Development

I can develop software, systems and apps for people.
My strongest programming skills are for Python, C and Javascript. I have written several successful programs in Python, and working on a game in C has made me master the language. My long experience with web development has made me good at Javascript.
I have a particular strength in embedded systems (Python, Linux).

However I also have experience working in other languages:

Platforms Supported

Due to my current lack of Apple devices, I am not best suited for Mac and iOS development. I'm hoping to get more work so that I can afford and buy a cheap Mac and iPad! You could also provide me with some Apple hardware if you have them.

For mobile development, I'd likely be using Flutter, Ionic or React Mobile. Which can be developed on any platform and deployed to iOS later.

Hourly Rate

My hourly rate varies greatly depending on the project.

Minimum rate $50 per hour

For simple projects, like small Python scripts

Average rate $70 per hour

For most longer-term projects, like the West Coast Railway camera system (Python, Linux, Web)

Known Frameworks and Libraries

Linux environment

I've been using Linux on the desktop for a few years, and have worked with servers a fair bit.

Windows environment (current development OS)

Now with Windows Subsystem for Linux, I do a lot of development with that. I also use PyCharm Professional with remote SSH systems. I find that Windows can be a very capable OS for developing a broad range of programs and systems. There are however still times that I need use a Linux virtual machine, or a real Linux machine. For example, I've used Windows to develop a cross-platform game with C, develop Python programs that run on remote systems, web development with SFTP filesystems, write Python GUI applications. Though Virtual machines are useful for testing integrated systems and testing Linux graphical applications such as games.

Other Technologies

Databases and data formats